About Us

Our DuPont™ Surface Protection products started in 2006 and have evolved to provide some of the industry's best protection products available while still staying true to mother earth and being environmentally conscience with the materials we use.

Current products sold in dealerships near you:

DuPont™ Automotive Protection Package

DuPont™ Motorcycle Protection Package

DuPont™ Tractor Protection

Here online you can see our family of DuPont™ products that can help you at home or work to maintain the appearance of your vehicles.

Our office in Tampa, FL. demonstrates our outstanding customer service daily and treats you as we would want to be treated. We are also driven by our continuous improvement in all aspects of our business including our product development. Feel free to call us and run an idea past us. Perhaps we can create a product to help you in your day to day experiences.

Enjoy your investment longer DuPont™ products are the best line of defense against what man and nature have to throw at your vehicles and equipment. Get Premium Protection For any questions or concerns, contact DuPont™ Customer Care 1-888-227-3093.